Lucy Feagins Melbourne Home – Sophie Gannon and Family text  30 May 2012
Edmund Chia Peregrine Papers at The MDW Fair text  23 - 24 April 2011
Sandy Pottinger MORE: recent additions to reductive art (Review) text  September 11 2010
David Akenson MORE: recent additions to reductive art text  September 2010
Craig Easton Strange Frame text  Sept 2010
Carolyn Barnes Sydney Non Objective: Redrawing the geography and history of abstraction in the context of the contemporary  March 2010
Dan Rule Around the galleries 21 November 2009
David Hagger Reductive  November 2009
Christine Morrow Residue text  May 2009
Keith Wong Making a Name text  Number 67 2009
Susan Westwood Art and Soul January/February 2009
Nick Mitzevich and Michele Helmrich (curators) New: selected recent acquisitions 2007 - 2008  November 2008
Ross Moore Little Boxes 20 June 2008
Alison Kubler MAKING A NAME text  June 2008
Heidi Maier Talking Art March/April 2008
Tracey Clement Oldies but Goodies November 2007 - February 2008
Gordon Craig and Simone Jones (curators), artist's profile by Megan Williams Arc Biennial 2007 text  October 2007
Chad Elias No image available text  June 2007
Tony Stephens Artworkers Award 2006 October 2006
Megan Backhouse Untitled 28 October 2006
Penny Webb Minimal is more 20 October 2006
John Buckley Neo Mimimalilsm and some antecedents October 2006
PJ Hickman Intentionally left blank June 2006
Ruth McDougall 'Recent Paintings?' text  February 2006
Pip Haydon One, Two, Three ...Four Five Six text  December 2005
PJ Hickman Home Show text  December 2004
Christine Morrow The Blindside Effect September 2004
Janeworld Outline/Emerging Idiots 13 - 19 July 2004
Rachael Haynes Outline July 2004