MORE: recent additions to reductive art (Review)

The Arts Gallery at the University of Southern Queensland is featuring the work of seven artists in the exhibition, “MORE: recent additions to reductive art”.  The title is a clever play on words, also obliquely refers to Mies van der Rohe’s famous dictum “Less is more”. The work is spare and understated.  Particularly interesting is New York artist Sally Mott’s wall texts in which spatial intervention creates a visual hiatus and PJ Hickman’s meticulous white on white grids; parenthetic voids between marks of punctuation.  David Akenson’s three dimensional wooden object, the support for a geometrical painting, is a subtle comment about the nature of painting and sculpture.  Elegance and finesse mark the studies by Wilma Tabacco: the tones of soft green carry plan views of architectural forms which are given the status of icons through the use of gold leaf.  The works in this exhibition are the antithesis of fantasy and devoid of metaphor, they challenge the meaning of the experience of looking.

Sandy Pottinger
Sandy Pottinger is a writer with the Toowoomba Chronicle