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Peregrine Papers at The MDW Fair

Apr 23, 2011Apr 24, 2011

Peregrine Papers at The MDW Fair

PEREGRINEPROGRAM presented a group exhibition Peregrine Papers at The MDW Fair, an event organized by threewalls, Roots & Culture and Public Media Institute. The fair comprised independent art initiatives, spaces, galleries and artist groups from the Chicago metropolitan area, demonstrating the diversity, strength and vision of the people/places making it happen in the art ecology of the region. For- and non-profit, unincorporated galleries, independent curatorial projects, publishers and media groups gathered in over 25,000 square feet of exhibition space, manifesting the collective spirit behind the region’s most innovative visual cultural organizers, focusing on the breadth of work done here by artists and arts-facilitators alike.

Peregrine Papers began with an open call for participation, asking for submissions (preferably anonymous) of 4” x 6” works on/of paper. Everyone was invited to take part, to send paintings or drawings on traditional supports, doodles on index cards, plain or altered postcards and photographs, prints, collages, newspaper or magazine snippets, origami, etc. The theme was open, with the aim of finally presenting a single ephemeral work of fleeting and foreign experiences, echoing The MDW Fair itself. This group show was a rotating exhibition. During the fair, visitors were invited to take any one piece that appealed to them, following which a replacement piece would be installed.  Conceived in the spirit of The MDW Fair, Peregrine Papers allowed for the redistribution of collective goodwill, and also aimed to make both makers and viewers think about the values one held with regard to time, effort and art itself.

* In total, more than 300 pieces were passed along over the span of 14 hours, or about 20 per hour.

Contributors to Peregrine Papers

K - Honolulu, HI

TC Eley - Medford, MA

JR Baldock - London, UK

Li Trincere - Manhattan, NY

Stefan Schuster - Berlin, Germany

Monika Kapfer - Munich, Bavaria, Germany

J Wong - Singapore

Carla Paynter - Boston, MA

Richard Galling - Milwaukee, WI

Ezara Spangl - Vienna, Austria

Rainer Spangl - Vienna, Austria

Michael Milano - Chicago, IL

Charlie Masson - London, UK

Student - Chicago, IL

Wilson Trouvé - Marseille, France

Kristin Calabrese - Inglewood, CA

Tim Schade - Chicago, IL

Katayoun Vaziri - Brooklyn, NY

Ethan Greenbaum - Brooklyn, NY

Fred Camper - Chicago, IL

Laura Miller - Chicago, IL

Katharine Schutta - Chicago, IL

Ann Chen - Chicago, IL

Rebecca Walz - Chicago, IL

Wills Waites - Wonder Lake, IL

T Kong - Singapore

Don Voisine - Brooklyn, NY

Shannon Schmidt - Chicago, IL

Rose di Salvo - Chicago, IL

Royston Harpur - Mudgee, NSW, Australia

Jocelyn Stenson - Mudgee, NSW, Australia

Kristina Paabus - Chicago, IL

Hirofumi Suda - Glasgow, UK

Rob Bondgren - Chicago, IL

Loretta Bourque - Chicago, IL

D Rogers - Singapore

Mike Schuh - Chicago, IL

Holly Murkerson - Chicago, IL

Allison Reimus - Chicago, IL

Samia Mirza - Los Angeles, CA

Ellissa Jane - Chicago, IL

Sarah Keighery - Sydney, Australia

Billy Gruner - Sydney, Australia

Ryan Richey - Chicago, IL

Leah Patgorski - Chicago, IL

Jesus Javier - Chicago, IL

James Kao - Chicago, IL

John Riepenhoff - Milwaukee, WI

Elijah Burgher - Chicago, IL

Charles Mahaffee - Chicago, IL

Tim Graham - Chicago, IL

Kirk Faber - Chicago, IL

Jeff Badger - South Portland, ME

Justin Jackson - Chicago, IL

Candida Alvarez - Chicago, IL

Steven Husby - Chicago, IL

Brandon Graham - Chicago, IL

Alexandra Kennedy - New Zealand

Jess Turcios - Chicago, IL

Andrew Norman Wilson - Chicago, IL

Ramon Alvarez Smikle - Chicago, IL

Darrell Roberts - Chicago, IL

Dylan Quirk - Sydney, Australia

Guido Winkler - Leiden, The Netherlands

Frans Vendel - Haarlem, Noord-Holland,


Victoria Munro - Staten Island, NY

Robb Stone - Chicago, IL

PJ Hickman - Brisbane, Australia

Grace Ann Watson - Chicago, IL

Jessica Jokhi - Chicago, IL

Chase Sperry - Chicago, IL

Dan Tomkins - Chicago, IL

Aaron Smith - Chicago, IL

Claire Lindsey - Chicago, IL

Alexa Karabin - Chicago, IL

Jason Schroeder - Chicago, IL

Mary Sea - Chicago, IL

Carina Evins - Chicago, IL

Joseph Glezen - Chicago, IL

Tim Mann - Chicago, IL

Alysia Kaplan - Chicago, IL

Skully Gustafson - Milwaukee, WI

Renee Navis - Milwaukee, WI

Jessica Schleis - Milwaukee, WI

Anya Pesce - Sydney, Australia

Sarah Beth Woods - Urbana, IL

B Ingrid Olson - Chicago, IL

Laura Mackin - Chicago, IL

Seth Nelson - Chicago, IL

Naima Bond - Chicago, IL

Liana Jegers - Eden Prairie, MN

Leo Kaplan - Chicago, IL

Caroline Carlsmith - Chicago, IL

Calvin Whitehurst - Waukesha, WI

Stephen Sainsbury - Milwaukee, WI

Anke Stacker - Redfern, NSW, Australia

Jeriah Hildwine - Chicago, IL

Kasarian Dane - Madrid, New York

Janice Dane - Madrid, New York

Nelson Dane - Madrid, New York

Perelandra Dane - Madrid, New York

Elianah Dane - Madrid, New York

Mike Nudelman - Chicago, IL

Deborah Boardman - Chicago, IL

Edra Soto - Chicago, IL

Kayce Bayer - Chicago, IL

Chris Lin - Chicago, IL

Syniva Whitney - Seattle, WA

Corrine DAgostino - Chicago, IL

Lacy Pitt - Chicago, IL

Robin Kang - Chicago, IL

Sterling Lawrence - Chicago, IL

Dylan Hoff - Milwaukee, WI

Isabel Kent - Milwaukee, WI

Christian Sis - Milwaukee, WI

James Pederson - Milwaukee, WI

Christopher Moss - Brooklyn, NY

Sara Caron - Milwaukee, WI

Brittany Ellenz - Milwaukee, WI

Jen Lopez - Chicago, IL

Amy Babinec - Chicago, IL

Rose Bippen - Chicago, IL

Nikki Woloshyn - Chicago, IL

Amalia Digan - Chicago, IL

Christoph Dahlhausen - Bonn, Germany

Stephen Scott - Melbourne, Australia

Kate Hart - Melbourne, Australia

Alec Regan - Milwaukee, WI

Oliver Sweet - Milwaukee, WI

Liza Pflughoft - Milwaukee, WI

Patrick Sharrow - Milwaukee, WI

Amelia Toporsh - Milwaukee, WI

Julio Cordova - Milwaukee, WI

Adam Porter - MIlwaukee, WI

Dan Schank - Philadelphia, PA

Eric Ashcraft - Chicago, IL

Corey Antis - Kansas City, MO

Molly Scranton - Chicago, IL

Marcus Bering - Brussels, Belgium

Isabelle Francis - Brussels, Belgium

Olivia Valentine - Chicago, IL

Angeline Evans - Chicago, IL

Karen Azarnia - Chicago, IL

Yu Su - Beijing, China

Bobbi Meier - Chicago, IL

Angela Inez Baldus - Normal, IL

Sayward Schoonmaker - Chicago, IL

Diana G - Chicago, IL

Sarah Legow - Chicago, IL

Mario Contreras - Chicago, IL

Adriana Baltazar - Chicago, IL

Dakota Jakiela - McHenry, IL


Every piece taken was accompanied by a complimentary work of art

Untitled (graph), 2011 by Jon Waites