Home Show, Studio, Brisbane, 11 December 2004 – 31 January 2005

installation views


Double Buff Woodwork, 2002

DULUX Prepcoat Acrylic Primer/Undercoat Buff; 42mm x 19mm FJ pine; AJAX Easyfixx Fasteners galvanised bullet head 40mm x 19mm nails; SELLEYS Aquadhere PVA woodworking glue; POLYFILLA Interior Timber; ROMAK Keyhole Plates and screws, 480mm x 945mm x 42mm
Collection of the Artist

Black Paperwork, 2004

CANON black ink; VICTORY document 80gsm white paper; MICADOR spray adhesive; foam card, 210mm x 297mm x 5mm
Collection of the Artist

Blue Chipwork, 2004

ROKSET 70mm paint tray, 120mm x 200mm x 3.5mm

Black Grey Stripe Formwork 60 x 60 inches, 2004

BIG RIVER TIMBERS PTY LTD F14 Formply Grey Stripe; OTTER Screw Fix Particle Board 8g x 38g Florentine Bronze Countersunk Pozi drive screws, 1527mm x 1527mm x 17mm each (two pieces)

Black Green Line Formwork , 2004

BIG RIVER TIMBERS PTY LTD F14 Formply Grey Stripe, 510mm x 510mm x 17mm

catalogue essay

PJ Hickman’s three-dimensional paintings engage with the history and practice of painting, and the contemporary gallery space.  The paintings are constructed with standard timber, paint, and building hardware.  Nothing included is superfluous, everything counts, and aesthetic and intuitive decisions are determined through delegation.  They appear repetitious, austere, blank, and prosaic. 




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