Green-eyed monster eating its own tail, (curated by Sydney Art Month Artistic Director Barry Keldoulis) part of Art Month Sydney with John Citizen (aka Gordon Bennett), Christine Dean, Heath Franco, Tracey Moffat, Tom Polo and Grant Stevens, The Paramount Building Sydney, 5 - 20 March 2016

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Green-eyed monster eating its own tail

An exhibition curated by Artistic Director Barry Keldoulis

A key starting point for the exhibition is the general suspicion of the wider public in regard to the insular nature of the art world and the idea promoted by the media that the art world is elitist. 

The role of Art Month is to overturn these assumptions, and this is an exhibition that explores these ideas in an engaging and often humorous manner, succinctly saying visually what may take hours to try to explain verbally.

Barry Keldoulis - Artistic Director